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Understand Why your Computer is Slow and How to Fix it

Why Computers Are So Slow?

• File system consists of a large number of files. OS needs to read many of them from hard drive at least once which takes time.

• Computer memory is not endless and all the files can not be always cached. Operating system has to read them from time to time.

• Hard disks are still not as fast as other systems.

Application needs to read two files file1 file2 Request file1 and file 2 Read time 2 Read time 1 Reading head Seek time 1 Seek time 2 Total time = Seek 1 + Read 1 + Seek 2 + Read 2

• Read time depends on the file size and it is lower for smaller files, but is still takes too long.

• Seek time depends on file location and access order and the larger the disc the higher the seek time.

• As disk becomes fragmented the seek time dramatically increases.

• Files are usually read one by one, so the application wastes time waiting for its reading queue.

Can Computer be Faster? YES !!!

• What do you need for this? An USB Flash drive or flash card and eBoostr.

How Does eBoostr Work?

• After you install the product it analyzes your most used applications and files while you use the computer.

• Most frequently used files are cached on a fast USB drive.

• Each time the system needs to read a data eBoostr serves it from the cache with a balanced load of all devices.

Why do You Need a Flash Drive?

• Modern flash drive is faster than an average hard drive.

• Flash drive has a very low seek time.

• Flash drive is a cheap storage device.

What is eBoostr?

• eBoostr is a software package for Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, 7 ® systems

• It redirects file read requests to cache databases located on several devices.

• USB flash drives, SD/CF cards or hard disks can be used as cache device.

• eBoostr supports up to 4 storage devices simultaneously.

How Does it Work Using eBoostr?

How does eBoostr boost your RAM and Cache memory

eBoostr enables you to use any storage device as an extra accessible RAM and Cache memory that will make your computer up to 5 times faster !

Author: Mike Ivanov