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General pre-sales questions

  • What are the system requirements for eBoostr?
  • You can find detailed system requirement by clicking on the following link: Download.

  • How can I get support for the trial version?
  • Unfortunately, we are not able to offer technical support for trial version users. Please refer to the integrated online help (F1 help) and check the FAQs. Users who purchase the full version, are entitled for free email support for 1 year after purchase.

  • I installed the trial version already on my PC. Do I need to install again after purchasing the full version of the software?
  • If you've already installed the trial version, all you need to do is to enter the sales code you receive when purchasing the full version and activate the product online. No additional installation is necessary.

  • Which USB flash drives can I use with eBoostr?
  • We recommend USB 2.0 sticks with a minimum capacity of 1-2 GB. Faster USB sticks perform better. Some USB Sticks carry the logo "ReadyBoost" compatible. While the logo is not mandatory, these devices tend to have faster data transfer speeds.
    * The performance improvement of your system depends on the compatibility of your USB stick and your computer environment.

  • Is eBoostr compatible with USB 1.1?
  • No, USB 1.1 sticks are too slow. You must use USB 2.0 sticks.

  • Is eBoostr compatible with Windows 7?
  • Yes, eBoostr supports Windows 7.

  • Can eBoostr can be installed on a USB stick?
  • No, eBoostr needs to be installed on a harddrive and cannot run from a USB stick. You can of course save the installation files on a USB stick.

  • What is the difference between eBoostr and ReadyBoost?
  • Microsoft introduced ReadyBoost and SuperFetch with Windows Vista in an attempt to improve performance. Although there are similarities with eBoostr, eBoostr uses proprietary technologies to increase performance. These technologies also support Windows XP and 2000, as well as Vista and Windows 7.

    Readyboost annot utilize RAM on systems that have extra RAM installed. eBoostr Pro on the other hand, can be configured to use additional RAM as an extremely fast for files and data that normally has to be read from the HDD.

    In addition, eBoostr can be configured to give priority to user selected applications and specific file types (e.g. *.mp3, *.iso, etc.) and entire folders can be excluded from being cached, giving you a lot more control over what gets cached or not.

  • Can eBoostr and ReadyBoost be used at the same time?
  • Yes, they can be used at the same time. However, please ensure to use ReadyBoost and eBoostr on separate devices, for example on two different USB sticks.