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License and limitations

  • If I want to use eBoostr on multiple computers, do I need multiple licenses?
  • Yes, you will need an individual license of eBoostr for each separate PC you want to install and run eBoostr on. So if you want to use eBoost on your PC and laptop, you will need to purchase two licenses.

  • When I buy a new computer, can I install my previously purchased and installed version on the new computer?
  • Yes, provided that you uninstall eBoostr from your old PC and re-install on your new PC using your previously purchased sales code.

  • How do I activate eBoostr 4?
  • When you purchase eBoostr you receive a sales code in the format XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX Please note that you need to have an Internet connection to download and activate the download version!
    a) If you have already installed eBoostr 4: Please open eBoostr and go to “help> about…>Update license…”. Please Copy & Paste your sales code, and enter your email address, your name, and click on the “register” button.
    b) If you have NOT installed eBoostr 4: Please download and install the latest version of eBoostr from, and reboot your PC. When you launch eBoostr for the first time an information dialog will open, allowing you to enter your Sales Code, as shown above, to activate your copy of eBoostr via the Internet. Click on the link below for more information:

  • How do I get a short sales code?
  • Depending on where you purchased eBoostr, you either receive a long license key or a short sales code. Please go to To convert your long license key, please copy and paste your license key into the input box below and click the "Next" button to submit. We will instantly check our records and convert your long license key for the short sales code needed to access our technical support form.

  • If I want to use eBoostr on a multi-boot computer, do I need multiple licenses?
  • No, you don't need them. 1 license is enough per computer.