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Product Settings and Configuration

  • What is the recommended cache size? Does it depend on the amount of RAM?
  • No, the recommended cache size does not depend on the amount of RAM you have installed. The recommended size is 1-2GB. If you have many applications installed (especially large software suites) we recommend you to increase the cache size to 4GB.

  • How can I change the cache size on a device that is already being used by eBoostr for caching?
  • eBoostr 4 allows you to change the size directly by selecting the device and going into the configuration menu. eBoostr 3 does not allow this. To change the cache size, you must first select to remove the cache device and then add the same device again, changing the cache to the desired size.

  • How do I rebuild the cache?
  • Previously cached files remain in the cache until more popular files move them out. eBoostr updated the cache once per hour if the PC is in idle mode. You can also trigger a cache update by clicking on the "Build cache now" button. The complete cache is rebuilt approximately every 1-2 days. HINT: To completely rebuild the cache manually hold down the ALT key while clicking the "Build cache now" button.

  • My cache fill is 100%. What do I do?
  • When the cache is filled to 100% it means that eBoostr is fully utilising the available cache. This is the ideal situation, so having 100% cache fill is good news. What eBoostr will do from now on is make sure that only the most popular files are actually inside the cache. As the cache is updated and rebuilt, eBoostr will keep the cache full but will regularly replace less popular files with more popular ones.